Fine Art by Rocio
Viking Knit Directions
This page is under construction. Please check back for more complete
information and directions.
How To Viking KnitPlease click on any picture to enlarge for a close up view.
Step 1
Wrap the bronze color wire around a
credit card 5 times
Step 2
Slide the wire off and wrap one end
around like shown above.
Step 3
Pull out the 5 pieces to form equal spaced points. Front and side views.
Step 4
With a pen or marker, draw a 5 point
Step 5
Draw lines that connect to the star
pattern on the end.
Line up the wire ends with the lines.
The Lines are not shown in this
Step 7
Tape the wire in place.
Step 8
Fold down the long wire along one of
the points.
Step 9
Start looping the wire this way.
Step 10
Continue looping the wire through
the points around the rod.
Step 11
may need to enlarge this photo.may
need to enlarge this photo.
Step 12
loop from the bottom.
Step 13
Use the Viking Knit tool to poke
under the loops if there isn't enough
space to slide the wire under.
Step 14
Cut the wire leaving about a 1/4"
Step 15
Start the silver wire by sliding it in
from this direction.
Step 16
Start the silver wire at the ending
point of the copper knit. Notice the
1/4" of silver wire is left pointing
down the rod.
Step 17
When the Viking Knit is stretched
down, it will become TWO TIMES
longer. Measure the Silver wire and
continue as needed,